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Whether you spend a lot of time ‘off the beaten track’ in Australia, or you simply enjoy the extra efficiencies of driving an SUV or 4WD vehicle around town, the Maxxis SUV & 4WD range has all axles covered. Maxxis tyres are constructed to be versatile in a wide variety of terrains and weather conditions, so you can feel comfortable and safe wherever you’re going. For excellent braking, superb handling, high mileage, outstanding performance, and unbeatable traction, Maxxis offers choice, value and quality.

All Terrain 4WD & SUV Tyres:


The Maxxis Bravo AT771 is designed to offer strong on road performance with good ride qualities and low noise generation, while still able to provide confident “off the road” handling and traction.


Showcasing the Maxxis RAZR AT811! A worthy companion to the RAZR MT772. Engineered using the know-how Maxxis has gained from years of research in the off-road and all-terrain tyre market, the Maxxis RAZR AT811 is cutting edge in every way!


The Maxxis RAZR MT772 pattern features deeply sculpted centre blocks for excellent mud traction, while stone and mud ejectors improve self-cleaning performance and minimise rock retention. An innovative armour sidewall design maximises sidewall traction and puncture resistance, while deeply staggered shoulder blocks provide additional traction in difficult terrains.


The Maxxis MT762 is an adventure-perfect mud terrain tyre offering exceptional performance and durability.


Designed for high-speed off-roading, the Trepador Radial offers puncture resistance and stability with staggered shoulder blocks and multi-curve siping. The Trepador Bias, featuring a conformable bias ply casing and nylon belt reinforcement, ensures excellent traction and stability on challenging terrains.


An all-terrain tyre with a classic pattern, the AT980 features a new construction design to maximise road contact even under heavy loads, as well as improving puncture and bruising resistance. The unique zig-zag block design provides extra traction edges for excellent off-road performance.


The Maxxis AT700 is a typical all-terrain tyre with a 70% on-road, 30% off-road combination. Engineered to endure the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and land, it is everything that anybody would want in a 4×4 all-terrain tyre – and more!


A premium mud-terrain tyre with a motor sports pedigree, the MT764 features a tough, durable construction and boasts superb off-road performance due to the aggressive pattern that improves self-cleaning performance in mud. The shoulders feature staggered lugs for additional bite when sidewall traction is needed.


Known as the Maxxis flagship highway terrain tyre, the HT770 development team perfected the finer details to create a tyre worthy of being a flagship. Based on the Maxxis motor sports experience, the team created a new sidewall design that delivers a supple ride while maintaining excellent stability under heavy braking and crosswinds. The engineers also utilised a closed shoulder pattern design and multi-pitch tread blocks to create a comfortable driving experience.

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