Unveiling the Mighty Ford F-150

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The Mighty Ford F-150: A Showcase of F150 Modifications

When it comes to American automotive, one name stands out: Ford F-150. This legendary truck from Ford has carved its path through rugged terrains and urban landscapes alike.  For those seeking to elevate its performance and aesthetics, modifications become key to unlock its full potential. We delve into some of the most popular customisations currently available from Ironman 4x4 for the Ford F-150.

F-150 Bull Bar 2021+

Apex Bull Bar with Under Body Protection

The latest modification includes a robust Bull Bar by Ironman 4x4 coupled with comprehensive Under Body Protection for the Ford F-150. Crafted from 3mm high-grade steel the Apex Bull Bar retains all OEM safety features including parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring & radars and also provides essential protection against collisions and protects crucial components like the radiator and engine. With centered grills and air-intake the design, this bull bar ensures cooling is retained for the engine, transmission and front-end intercoolers.

Coupled with integrated red recovery points and a winch compatible bull bar, Ford F-150 owners can embark on discovering Australia's outback, knowing their vehicle is fortified against the rigors of the trail.

Apex Bull Bar FEATURES

  • Winch box remote mounting plate, remote extension & flip up number plate bracket included
  • Dual antenna mounts plus 4 spot light provisions in center hoop
  • 76mm x 1.5mm tubular hoop design
  • Powder coated for longevity
  • Increased approach & departure angles provide maximum clearance for obstacles
  • Compatible with proximity seniors
  • High-light jack points
Apex Bull bar for F150
Size profile F150 Apex bull bar
LED driving lights on F150 bull bar and red recovery points

Scope 9"LED Spot Lights

The Scope 9" LED Spot Lights from Ironman 4x4 give up to 32,000 Raw lumens - providing visibility up to 1.7km. Coupled with the Apex Bull bar this is a winning combo to give your F150 truck the rugged look it deserves.

Apex Bull bar with 4 x 9" Scope LEd driving lights

Slide-Away Auto Roller Cover

Gone are the days of struggling with cumbersome tonneau covers or exposed cargo. The Slide-Away Auto Roller Cover offers effortless operation, allowing users to retract or deploy it with the push of a button. Its durable construction and weather-resistant properties ensure that belongings remain protected from the elements, whether it's scorching sun or torrential rain. 

F150 Auto Roller Cover

Rear Racks on Tray

The rear racks boasts impressive load-bearing capacity without compromising on durability. Its modular design allows for easy customisation, enabling users to tailor the setup according to their specific needs. Whether it's mounting additional lights, bicycle carriers securing oversized cargo, or organizing tools, this accessory expands the Ford F-150's capabilities, turning your vehicle into a companion for both work and play.

Rear Rack on F150
Rear Rack on f150 Tray

Conclusion: Elevating the Ford F-150 with Darra4x4

Darra4x4's recent modifications to this tough Ford F-150 takes this iconic truck to new heights of capability and style.

From Bull Bars with Under Body Protection to the enhanced visibility provided by LED Spot Lights, each component serves to enhance the Ford F-150's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, the Auto Roller Cover and Rear Rack on Tray offer practical solutions for cargo management, further expanding the truck's utility and versatility.

In the world of modified Ford F-150s, Darra4x4 team is ready to unlock the full potential of your beloved truck. 

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